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Samui Fitness Retreat Is Not
Just Another Generic Retreat

🏋️ We rebuilt what a transformative body experience should be from the ground up to make you brilliant at what you do. We specifically designed it for those of you who want the best for their body.

🌴 Samui Fitness Retreat is exciting. Addictive. And comes with a package that makes you power through to your next level. Jungle runs. Beach work outs. CrossFit. Bootcamps. Muay Thai. Yoga. To name but a few.

💪 Samui Fitness Retreat is so engaging, intense, and transformative — you’ll feel like you have superpowers after having finished it for the first time. We are here to bring you the best fitness retreat experience in Thailand. A bootcamp like no other!

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Work Out & Relax

Paradise Awaits

We set out to design the best retreat experience ever made. We repeatedly pored over every work out. We meticulously crafted every interaction. Everything, from the reflexology to the schedules has been relentlessly refined.

On average, we all spend 24 hours a day in our bodies. When we use something for that long, it should be taken care of, formed and nourished properly.

It's time to create the best version of you.

Join the best Fitness Retreat organized on the island of Koh Samui. Stay Fit with us.

Your body, your schedule

Work Towards Your Best Self

Our schedules are spread throughout the different days, and we will create and adjust your own personalized workout routine based on your individual needs.

You can have work-outs throughout the day, or cluster them in the mornings to free up your evenings. You and your body are the ultimate decision makers here!

Focus On Your Body

With The Right People

Transforming your body is something you don't have to do on your own. Your coach is here to guide and supervise you, and your peers are here to motivate you and help you push yourself to your limits. When we put a class together with other fitness minded people - the results are magical!

It may be due to playful exercises, new friendships or simply because motivation infects - you'll have an easier time to get in shape by sharing that experience with like minded people.

Our BootCamp burn is a HIIT class perfect for any fitness level. It is a total conditioning workout using minimal weight and technique and alot of body weight movements. We go hard and fast, trying to burn as many calories as possible!

Think assault bike, rower, battleropes, sled pushing, pushups, burpees... Our weightloss clients love these sessions. You'll love them, too!

If you're working out day after day and not seeing results, you may be doing the wrong programme. Crossfit is the best way to switch it up.

Made up of various movements that will strengthen your muscles, increace your endurance and improve your agility. It is a mixture of Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio... Crossfit will produce the results you lacked before.

And the best part is : Not one work-out will feel repetitive - for months to come!

We'll be also leaving the confiments of they gym to get out and train on the beautiful beaches of Koh Samui.

Plenty of workouts while the morning sun rises. And after that we'll jump in the water for a cooldown!

Train your running skills in the run club, and improve your cardiovascular performance.

From jogging to sprinting it will get you into top shape – with improvements that will benefit you in the longterm.

With all the hard work you will put your body through while training with us, we believe in Yoga being an amazing recovery tool. Slowing down is important when recovering your body, and our Yoga sessions will help you with that.

Great for soreness, loosening up tight muscles and joints. And an amazing way to improve your mobility.

The Yoga sessions are held on the beach side - so you'll be able to enjoy the serenity of the sea while getting ready for the week.

We want you to experience all that Koh Samui has to offer. That is what makes our Koh Samui hike classes so great! We explore different sites around Koh Samui, visit hidden Temples and hike up to the highest parts of the island!

Amazing views guaranteed.

Moving into the vast amounts of water that surround us, we'll be exploring Samui's waters with a mixture of swimming, paddle boarding and kayaking.

We're going to loosen up our sore muscles from the gym, by moving on the kayak, SUP and swim sessions. It will free your muscles up, and improve your body balance. This will cure your DOMS ( delayed onset muscle soreness ) which will kick in by Wednesday morning ready for your first session.

A good way to get out of the gym, get some sun and explore Samui's hidden attractions. Weather permitting.

Working out alone or in a small group may feel repetitive and boring in the long run. This is why we spice up our classes by having mixed classes with locals from the area as well. This grows our community bond, and also opens up countless possibilities in exploring the beautiful island of Ko Samui!

A strong community with a strong energy! An unbeatable experience

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Strength and Conditioning

Refine Your Body

No matter if you're recovering from an injury, or refining your existing muscle areas - we're here to get all of your muscles in top shape. With our varying schedule, we'll be focusing on all parts of your body - from lower and upper body, to very focused core exercises.

The Samui Fitness Retreat is made for people from all walks of life, with all kinds of different needs in their bodies. We'll make sure to address them properly, and produce you with the right results.

Total Conditioning

Bootcamp Burn

Our BootCamp burn is a HIIT class perfect for any fitness level. It is a total conditioning workout using minimal weight and technique and alot of body weight movements. We go hard and fast, trying to burn as many calories as possible!

Think bike, rower, battleropes, Sled pushing, Pushups, burpees... Our weightloss clients love these sessions. You'll love them, too!


Your Intake Controls Your Body

We’ve found, time and time again, that what we eat defines how our body behaves. That’s why we’ll be coaching you on your daily nutritional intake. Instead of short-lived diets, we'll focus on long-term dietary changes.

By getting your body's nutritional intake in order, we'll make sure that your changes are going to last for a long time.

Enjoy clean meals in the café area to keep your body ready for the fitness challenges of the day.

Get Fit On The Beach

Workout Sessions in Paradise

Our Beach workouts are a great way to mix up your training, get some sun, and have some fun on Lamai Beach.

Every Saturday morning will start with a beach run to warm up, followed by a 30-45 minute workout. You will be in and out of the water, swimming, using dumbells, kettlebells, slam balls, battle ropes and more.

After our beach workout we usually have a coffee on the beach before beginning the rest of the day!

Muay Thai

Tradition Meets Fitness

Thailand is the home of Muay Thai - a traditional fighting sport that has been practiced for over 400 years. It's also a great way to transform your body in areas you haven't trained before.

You will be coached by authentic traditional Thai coaches with over 100 fights of experience.

Nothing Beats A Cool Off On The Beach

Enjoy The Merits Of Beach Life

We do love a good morning run, or early morning high intensity work outs.

But nothing beats a jump into the warm waters of Koh Samui, Thailand after an amazing workout session.

You can hang out at our local beach partners - and enjoy their discounts. Or cool off in any of the other many beaches that Koh Samui has to offer.

Pure bliss.

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Wall Of Success




Really nice and clean place with good equipment! And lovely people!

I will come for more definitely soon! Make sure to go there if you‘re on Samui and don’t forget to hug the lovely dogs!😁

Thank you for training and the extra burpees!😄


United Kingdom

Day three of our months fitness journey, didn’t think I would get through this mornings session but with the massive encouragement and smiles from the rest of the members was amazing.

Love this place ❤️💚🙏


United Kingdom

Excellent place to train from someone who was kinda “scared” of weights plenty of support given to expert, all welcome.

Lots of female members - no intimidation from males with high ego. Great community too if you want to join in.

Gym walks, water activities... No pressure sales tactics. Check it out!!



Mike and the team put us through our paces this morning! Our first ever class outside our home box in the UK and we were super nervous but made to feel at home immediately.

Everyone was so friendly and helpful and the workout was fun and challenging! Just what we needed after over indulging on holiday.

Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (also 6/5 for the dogs!)


United Kingdom

I love this place... mike is great...and strong! everyone is so welcoming and friendly...

I'm not sure how I'm going to leave at the end of our holiday...

I'm feeling the love, the power and the buzz of such awesomeness.... 💪


United Kingdom

We trained here whilst on holiday - such a friendly bunch of people and Mike is a great coach. Would recommend this box to anyone, of any level.

Will miss working out in the sunshine and seeing the friendly faces each day!

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