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In Style

Accomodation With Your Retreat

While staying with us, you should have good amount of rest.

We partner up with accomodations that are close to all the work outs - but also walking distance to the beach.

When staying at the places, you may benefit from their communal pools and spa facilities.

Our guests are usually delighted by the top notch facilities.

The hotel area also offers a separate restaurant area where you can enjoy an a la carte menu, in addition to the meals that you receive through the fitness retreat.

Our regular stay accomodation partners have 4+ stars reviews or 9+ ratings on booking websites.

Budget Retreat: Please note that for budget retreats we partner with a different accomodation than shown in the pictures.

Our budget stay accomodation partners have 3+ stars reviews or 7+ ratings on booking websites.

Rest assured that no matter which accomodation you'll decide to stay with - your stay will be a pleasant one.

1 Bedroom

Stay close to the facilities

Room facilities

Enjoy a rest after the work out

Bathroom facilities

Recently built hotel with modern facilities

Enjoy a nice view

Enjoy a breeze on the balcony

Communal Area

Relax at the shared space

Enjoy the pool

A shared pool to cool down after a work out

Spa facilities

Enjoy the spa packages of the resort

Have a rest

Relax and recover

Pool Area at Night

Take a swim after your work out

Yard Area at Night

Relaxing Environment

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