Frequently Asked Questions

πŸ”° I'm a beginner, do I need to detox first?
We don't really believe in pure detox - it's mostly pain without the fun!

What we recommend is a balanced start - we'll do a light detox in the beginning of your body transformation package, and then start with the work out program

The coach will take your current form into account, set you up with the right exercise level; and that's how your detox will start.
You'll be in a fun, but challenging environment - and you'll also be able to establish your own workout routine for the future.

So in short : No, you don't need to detox before starting a fitness retreat. That's double the work.

β˜€οΈ Can I come at any time in the year?
Yes, we currently run the retreats on a weekly basis all-year round.

πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­ Where are you located?
We're located on the beach of Lamai in Koh Samui, Thailand.

πŸ—Ί How do I get to Koh Samui?
Koh Samui has an international airport, so you could be coming from a variety of places depending on your departure origin.

πŸ– How's the weather and what do I need to bring with me?
For the fitness activities make sure to bring good sports shoes - e.g. running and/or crossfit shoes, comfortable sports clothes and a towel.

The weather is sunny all year round, and we're close the beach. So bring your swimsuit and flip flops! Although we have rainy seasons, you'll still see the sun and won't need to pack anything else than summer clothes.

πŸ–οΈ Are you close to the beach/restaurants and nightlife?
Yes, when you stay at our accomodations you're just a 5 minute walk away from the beach. Nightlife options are also plenty in Lamai, and a short bus ride to Chaweng. There are many restaurants in the near vicinity with all kinds of cuisines!

πŸ›‚ Do I need a visa to come to Thailand?
That depends on your country of origin and the length of your stay - if you stay less than 30 days, you may be elibigle for 30 days exemption, or if you're from these specific countries you may be elligible for a Visa on Arrival.

For countries not listed, you may need to get a 30 or 60 days tourist visa at any Thai Embassy before you come to Thailand. You may even extend your Visa in Thailand if you wish to stay longer.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ How many attendees attend each retreat?
Usually we have 6-8 retreat attendees during low seasons. During high seasons there may be more and we may adjust the schedule to accomodate bigger retreat sizes.

🏠 Do you provide accommodation?
Yes, accommodation is included if you want it, but we have limited rooms and we operate on a first come first serve basis.

🏑 Do I have to stay at your accommodation?
No, you can choose to stay at a nearby hotel and pay for the retreat only - if you prefer.

🍜 Is food included?
Yes, except for the budget package. You may also remove the food options from any of the packages - we focus on healthy and basic meals, which should prepare you for your work outs. Food in any case is relatively cheap in Thailand. You can also find vegan and other specific dietary options around the island. We provide a map of all recommended places to all of our visitors.

πŸ›« Are flights included?
No, attendants come from all over the world so it would be impossible for us to organize.

πŸ€• If something bad happens to me and I can't come to the planned retreat, can I come to one of the following ones?
Yes, you can come to one of the following retreats without having to pay for the retreat again. You will have to pay for the accommodation though.

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