Friends, Community, Fitness

Friends are important - without our community we wouldn't be where we are today!

We made many friends building up our facilities and the retreats - and we plan on making many more in the future!

So it's also up to us to cherrish our best supporters and give them the love back that they gave us when we needed it!

Alone we are weak - only together we can grow and become stronger!

  • Lamai Beach CrossFit – the first and only certified CrossFit gym in Lamai! Fitness comes first in this place. It has the best community on the island. Just walk in and get going!
  • Baobab – the best beach-side restaurant on Lamai. The owners are great supporters of LBCF and we love to hang out there during the day time. You can order non-fat / non-sugar options, or enjoy their famous Tuna Tartare!
  • Taiwaree Summer Lifestyle – one of our most dedicated clients – she designs her own linen clothes and makes the meanest power balls.
  • Merchant Gourmet Samui - delicious gourmet products just around the corner!
  • James Travel - Motorbike rental in Lamai
  • Tropicana - Great italian food on the Lamai Beach Road - very tasty!
  • Punch-It Gym - For your Muay Thai needs - professional trainers - great work-out
  • Mynt Bar - Play pool, watch some rugby and grab some beers - a relaxing place to stay at
  • 69slam – get your bikini gear and beach shorts from this local store! Great friends of the gym – and have more than 3 stores around the island.
  • Rey's Massage - Gets your muscles all patched up - a true specialist in what your body needs after a good work-out
  • Lamphu – get great and healthy food options, just around the corner from the gym!
  • Tortuga Coders – offer a web development bootcamp in Lamai - learn to code and work out with us!
  • Yousabuy on the beach - Once you leave Lamai, just down the road and right before Hua Thanon you'll find this gem of a place!
  • ChiLL Inn Beach Cafe & Hostel - also just right after you leave Lamai - a great hostel right on the beach!
  • iSUP Samui - from the beautiful north of Thailand - introduced us to the amazing Stand Up Paddle possibilities on Koh Samui!
  • ecopest Samui - protects our facilities from pesky bugs and insects while keeping it ecological and safe
  • Moon Interiors - great boutique items for the cozy household!
  • CrossFit Evexia - if you're in Currumbin Waters, Queensland, Australia - make sure to give them a visit for your CrossFit needs!!!
  • CSP Gym – Complete Strength & Performance - operating in Sydney's Inner West and tightly knit with the West Harbour Rugby Football Club. A place we love and support!

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